We hope you find the following background information helpful about Dr. Carl Peshoff.

Dr. Carl Peshoff is a native of Canton, Ohio. He is a past graduate of Glenwood High School and he received his college education and Honors degree at Case Western Reserve University. Dr. Peshoff then continued his education at Case Western Reserve University School of Dentistry where he received his D.D.S. He then received a certificate in the specialization in Periodontics from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. He also continued active research in Anaerobic Microbiology at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta at the same time. Dr. Peshoff is married to Linda, who is also a native of Canton, Ohio. Together, they established the office in 1985. Dr. Peshoff and Linda are blessed with the two lovely children Carl and Brittany.

Dr. Peshoff has received numerous academic Awards and Honors. He has served as President of the Ohio Academy of Periodontists and also has served as President of the Stark County Dental Society. He has received the Rising Star Award from the Ohio Dental Association and he has also received the Ohio Dental Association Achievement Award for Excellence in Dentistry. He is also a Fellow in the American College of Dentists; a Fellow in the International College of Dentists; and is a Fellow in the Pierre Fauchard Academy. Finally, Dr. Peshoff still maintains an active role in clinical research in the field of periodontics.